Ivana Kolcunova (The Same Self project)

Attractive. Angry. Tired.
Full of energy. Hated. Mythical.
Adored. Underestimated. Menstruation.
Woman. Always the same, yet always different.
It's me. EXPOSED.

Exposed is a powerful and inspiring exploration of the human experience that combines new circus, theater, and meditation. Through breathtaking aerial choreography and captivating music, performance delves into the themes of identity and vulnerability. The audience is taken on a journey of self-discovery that encourages them to reflect on their unique experiences and how they have shaped their life story. It's a unique interactive concept that draws the audience into the action before the performance even begins.
Genre: Performance
Duration: 45 mins, 30 mins
Price: 120 kr, 100 kr

August 31, 2024



45 mins

120 kr

September 1, 2024



45 mins

120 kr

September 3, 2024


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