The Unintentional Magician – Part 1

Endre Schumicky


The moment you reflect on your experience, you stop to experience it.
You will never get to how it could be if you hold on to how it was. 

The Unintentional Magician is currently a research performance about how to
invite an audience into the experience without losing internal focus. 

It is a research about the tipping point between the Character and the
intangible sense of reality. 

The flow of time between the shifts streches, and shrinks.
We connect between breaths.
You and me. 

It is a proccess to let go of intentional decision making from the mind, to then
be able to realise: the magic is within, and so without.

Photo credit: Leonardo Martin
Genre: Dance
Duration: 60 mins
Price: FREE


26 November


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