Your Flaws: The Musical

Lee Apsey, Patrick Clopon, Emma Wessleus


What's wrong with you?

Darkly hilarious and surprisingly heartfelt, audience problems become brand new, one-time musicals from minds behind 5☆ multiple Edinburgh Fringe sell-out CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation and international festival favourite Multiverse.

In an attempt to get right to the emotional heart of what makes musicals so magical, the very flawed people of "Your Flaws: The Musical" take an audience member's perceived self weakness, something they'd wish to remove or better understand about themselves, and lift the room together on a spontaneous rollercoaster of songs, scenes and storytelling.

Their shows have been described as:

'Unique and riveting... downright hilarious.' ****1/2 (Chronicle)

'Innovation and top tier entertainment' ***** (The Wee Review)

'A spectacular must see' ***** (Bunbury Magazine)

"...musically dynamic ... clever wordplay – especially impressive when you consider that they were making it up on the spot." **** (Everything Theatre)
Genre: Theatre, Music
Duration: 50 mins
Price: 200 kr


9 September


Kvartersscenen 2Lång

50 mins

200 kr

10 September


Kvartersscenen 2Lång

50 mins

200 kr

11 September


Kvartersscenen 2Lång

50 mins

200 kr

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