Almost Scandinavians

Ulug Bek & Kriti Prajapati

Slightly suspicious expats - Ulug Bek and Kriti Prajapati - are doing their duo stand up comedy show ALMOST SCANDINAVIANS - a show about living in Scandinavia, loving it and almost integrating. We promise you will be almost happy after this show. Ulug and Kriti became popular in Copenhagen comedy scene after their 12 straight sold-out shows ALMOS DANES. They both fell in love with Scandinavian countries, but also found many quirks about it, which they want to share.

Ulug Bek (Uzbekistan) has lived 13 Years in Denmark and 2 years in Sweden. He is a data analyst by day and a comedian by night. With his deadpan humour, he makes hilarious observations about Scandinavia and Danish work culture. Ulug Bek has performed at festivals in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and even Netherlands.

Kriti Prajapati (India) has lived 6 years in Denmark. She is an engineer by mistake and a comedian by choice. Audiences have laughed about the cultural shock she has experienced in Denmark and is enamoured with her quirky sense of humor. Kriti has performed in Denmark, Sweden, India and Netherlands.

Video teaser:
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 60 mins
Price: 100 kr, 150 kr

September 5, 2024


Kvartersscenen 2Lång

60 mins

100 kr

September 6, 2024


Kaffe Kid

60 mins

150 kr

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