Chernobyl Survivor

Donatas Kveselys

Meet Donatas Kveselys, the fresh face of European comedy hailing from Lithuania, boasting the longest wingspan in show business. His solo show "Chernobyl Survivor" explores the quirks of his life in Sweden through comedic commentary on Swedish society from an outsider's perspective. He also talks about his Eastern European upbringing and the universal struggles of adulthood through a blend of storytelling and humor. Get ready to be captivated by his comedic journey, covering everything from awkward family encounters to facing fears, all delivered with charm and wit.

This year Danatas started breaking into UK comedy scene and has won every comedy competition he entered, including the famous King Gong at the London Comedy Store. Donatas made waves in the Roast Battle League 2024, securing the 3rd spot in the International West division with a comedic style reminiscent of Connor McSpadden and Daniel Tosh.
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 50 mins
Price: 150 kr

September 5, 2024



50 mins

150 kr

September 6, 2024


Kvartersscenen 2Lång

50 mins

150 kr

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