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Hey @gbgfringe. Wuu2 bby? U free l8r? *nudge* *nudge* u ther ? (づ。◕︵◕。)づ ???

Brought to you by your favourite gbg-based drag cult of kings queens and creatures, CULT of the Information Superhighway is here to plunge you into a the depths of the digital.

So are you feeling camp nostalgia or dopamine farming horror? TikTok, tumblr, myspace or omegle (ASL?) Are you camgirl critique, flashback fiend or waiting for more to join the live xoxo?

Whatever your vibe we’re here to fully indoctrinate you into our latest CULT. So join us and together we’ll submerse you in digital nostalgia, trace it all back to the dreams of a World Wide Web long gone and look at our current online hellscape to ask: how the fuck did we end up here?

***CULT collective***
CULT is a Gothenburg-based collective of kings, queens and creatures using drag to knock your socks off, get you screaming for more and begging to stop all at once. Oh and don’t forget, with a big dollop of radical politics to wash it all down. It’s queer and trans joy meets the sworn enemies of the patriarchy.

As usual it's our dear leader @itsmethemeatbaby will take sweet soft care of you all night baby.

From the glamorous to the disgusting, the vain to the rebellious we've got delights in every flavour. Keep your eyes peeled @wearestatusqueer on instagram for our performer announcements!
Genre: Performance
Duration: 90 mins
Price: 135 kr

September 6, 2024


Kvartersscenen 2Lång

90 mins

135 kr

September 7, 2024


Kvartersscenen 2Lång

90 mins

135 kr

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