The Feminist’s Handbook for Eastern Europe

Kaisa Ling Thing

Estonia's best (albeit only) feminist vaudeville blues band presents their English-language fringe program.

As seen at Tallinn, Turku, Edinburgh, Berlin, and New York.

A young woman born in independent, post-occupation Estonia sings of the Soviet residue that pollutes the minds of some of her fellow countrypersons and restrains feminist progress.

Kaisa Ling on vocals
Rene Paul on piano
Co-written with librettist Scott Diel


"If there's a name for a woman who's chic, glamorous, and modernly feminine in Estonia, it's Kaisa Ling. And her Thing. Resistance is futile, I recommend surrendering."

"Incredible vocals, electric stage presence, percussion and pizazz all accompanied by one of the best pianists l've seen playing live at the Fringe."

Kaisa Ling Thing has released two LPs and two blues musicals. They have toured their glitzy and flamboyant, yet self-conscious and emotionally vulnerable vaudeville blues all over Estonia, and are now taking on the world stage with their English-language fringe show.
Genre: Music
Duration: 55 mins
Price: 150 kr

September 5, 2024


Kaffe Kid

55 mins

150 kr

September 7, 2024


Kaffe Kid

55 mins

150 kr

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