The Gender Benders

The Gender Benders

Join us for an unforgettable night at the Gothenburg Fringe Festival! Experience the electrifying energy of Pop Punk in Drag, where we bring your favorite hits to life with a unique twist. Our drag punk rock band is ready to make you dance, sing, and party all night long!

The Gender Benders

Once upon a glitter-soaked night in a gritty underground club, DeeDee Strummer's rebellious chords collided with the electrifying riffs of Twitchy Love's guitar. Legends say Twitchy, a mischievous glam rock guitarist with a penchant for neon, accidentally spilled glitter on DeeDee's boots, marking the birth of The Gender Benders.

DeeDee, a fearless singer armed with rainbow lyrics, and Twitchy, the sparkly guitar maestro, decided to turn Twitchy's unintentional glitter incident into a wild musical experiment. Enter Justin Love, a bassist with a heart as thumping as his bass lines, who happened to be serenading Twitchy at their secret garden wedding. Joined by the enigmatic drummer, Iffy Slut, The Gender Benders emerged from the ashes of a playful joke, ready to smash gender norms and rock the stage with a vibrant rebellion against the ordinary. Together, they'd defy expectations, belt out anthems of love and liberation, and leave audiences questioning everything, all while donning outfits that could outshine the most dazzling constellations.
Genre: Music
Duration: 60 mins
Price: 150 kr

September 6, 2024



60 mins

150 kr

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