Two part contemporary juggling performance

Love Dahlin

This is a double bill presenting two jugglers with very different and distinct styles.

Emma will present a mono-disciplinary performance where hula hoops are given the focus. There has been a huge evolution in modern circus in the last decades, sadly hula hoop has not followed suit and kept pace with other disciplines in this evolution. And it´s her drive to be part of pushing this plastic circle forward and searching for new ways of working with it, beyond what is expected.

This performance will bring you on a journey from the pressures of perfectionism to other absurdities.

Loves show is a visual juggling/dance asmr. Small movements get repeated and slowly evolves into something new. Pattern of movements loops and let the audience observe all the small details like they do watching a painting in a museum.

He is inspired by atmospheric music and how it with small changes can keep up the interest of the listener. Inspirations also come from nature, how the leaves move in the wind and the waves crashes against a cliff.
Genre: Performance
Duration: 60 mins
Price: 100 kr

August 31, 2024



60 mins

100 kr

September 1, 2024



60 mins

100 kr

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