Closed to public eyes


Sweden has the most secret societies per capita in Europe.

Behind closed doors different rules are in play, views of reality warp, personalities change. Antisocial behavior of social gatherings. Capitalizing on the collective influence.

Blood brothers, no girls allowed.

Optical lenses can enlarge, reduce, warp and blur, but only help you see when used with precision. Glasses, alcohol, blurred vision, rituals conducted to a background of rhythm.

Conspiracy theories are close to truth. Culture capitalists preach to the youth.

Closed to public eyes is in performance artwork by Adam Ward and Louise Hornberg by a.k.a. SPEAKERBREATHER. A part of Gathenhielmska Huset`s history will be deconstructed through light, optics, music and surreal rituals.
Duration: 60 mins
Price: 150 kr

November 17, 2023


Gathenhielmska Huset

60 mins

150 kr

Conc: 120 kr

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